dream me awake

transmitting wonder
the eyes of my cat
freshen my experience
of night
sleep dreams me awake
into new realms
where we journey together
i feel you so clear
in the mists and haze
of my dream vision
why don’t you remember me
parallel universe
and we must visit
still further ones
through you
connect the languidity
of half viewed expressions
i want to know you
here there everywhere
romantic colors
speak you through
all that i do
when i turn it on
and let you roam
wild round my heart

simply nothing

some aspects are dead
because I said too much
and broke the spell
or perhaps that’s all there is
i needn’t write anymore
left to my own devices
perhaps there is simply nothing
but empty desire
that my god likes
to tease me with
dropping bread crumbs
to appease the lowest of me
making me constantly reach
higher and higher
complain of lost languages
rewrite my passions
into tangibles
to be born again
in unexpected illusions
oblivions to punctuate
i dream of loss
and wake in mystery
each day to repeat
the journey
repeat the journey
to the true blue center
of dreaded fear at
inconsistencies and inability
you’re doing it wrong
don’t you see
how much you cannot see

a new language

sweetest trust
in the beauty
of your death
seeds drip
from your fingers
into the fresh soil
of vision
and unknowns
destruction of outdated
needless things
freedom from concepts
expanse of new
bringing you home
roots down
mind wide
colors brilliant
writing a new language
so that we may speak
more easily
with God


cannot force the baptism
or the shadows on the walls
stretch the bones in my arm
to create a new day
to perform rituals
on myself
and my materials
one beyond that
and even further still
severing the promise
that dies
every time
lies – only once
only once
i lied
about repetition
graphics layered
on empty bodies
to purge the old flesh
and force the questions
in this new age
of dysfunctional art
and grotesque mutilations
in your face
on every corner
dripping down verticals
metal to flesh
empty to full
white to black
if you want to take it there
take it there
and do nothing
but expose the flawed artistry

fighting a dead world

turn me on death man
drop anvils over your shoulder
and watch me dance

drowned leaves line the pathway
to your gilded defenses
you see what i long to see

which means nothing
which means everything

when I think too hard
i lose the language
that you taught me

magic turns back into material
and i’m fighting a dead world

i dream again
far into you
and know i am free
bathed in liquid starshine
and the mists of transformation

backwards and forwards
remembering to live a life
without losing it
to ghosts
and trees that have not yet been planted
to add beauty and structure
to new skylines
in the forever changing atmosphere
that breathes in our process

forward movement

body heart mind till the death
who is breathing who
why don’t we feel the effect
until it is too late

death two three four

on this screen
on that screen
then right next to you
still atrophy

not me
not me

mind your no’s
mind your nows

dine sweet on apathy
we all


stare too long

sweet destruction
of my tendency
to perpetuate a dull grey
with you

bound in my traditions
of annihilation
and empty

angst colored
crossing long elaborate bridges
over a deep sea of emotions

loss comes when I stare too long
at dark colors

i’ll keep a spare rainbow
in my pocket
for this special occasion
of you



and there they sat
devoid of all of the love
and all the beauty
of each other

as sorrow-filled eyes
opened to view
the dust that had settled

over desire for perfection
and unrealistic timing

patient discoveries
breathe new blues

cosmic clocks
dictate actual reality

not the unimaginative
impoverished phantasms
of two lonesome lost lovers



the unoriginality
of the struggle
for originality
is not lost
on the seeker
and contradictions
two ends of the spectrum
to create unfathomable
unique beauty
beneath the fear
beyond the struggle

let freedom seduce you



in between deaths
trapped in this realm of life
i close my eyes and can see right through them
there is no reality in my waking
and I can see it clearly
there is no sleep in my night
only illusion while I leave here
i take a pill nightly
to escape
the vision is so compelling
i walk dead
clawing from the inside
clawing to get free
free from myself
free from my dead

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